Hello World :)

Hello and welcome everyone. It’s been a crazy 2020, but hey, sanity is overrated right?

Between our general workload, which involved making copious amounts of masks….

If I never have to see a mask again, then I will only be half as glad as my wife! While I had the easy job of cutting them, she had the dismal part of sewing them >.< Cotton outer layer, medical filter and then an inner moisture control layer. Time consuming and mind-numbing work, but if it only has a slight chance of saving a life, then it was all worth it 😀

…I digress but seems that is a 2020 thing! So, we had to learn some new tricks regarding setting up our online shop. Version 1.0 did not work too well last year, not the platform we used nor the server it was hosted on. This year we went a different route using WordPress and a much better server. The sever is also easily scalable, so once server load increases, we can easily upgrade to accommodate the extra traffic.

Who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

As a bonus we can now easily add blog posts about new developments along the way, or simply something interesting we found, with maybe a rant here and there… Depends if Monique double checks my writing ;).

Another major change in 2020 (that was not from mutated bat viruses, or was that 5G’s fault? Hmmm), was that we set up a new studio/workshop/office in the Brackenfell industrial area. Big whoop+lots-of-excitement. And celebratory drinks, obviously.

It might not be a 100% perfect space, but it is home away from home at this stage. We are sharing the building with a few other friends and their businesses, notably Madré Grobbelaar at Vanité Fayre, Elzette Swart at Fit139, Elmarie du Preez at Xpeditious Print and Petro Nagel at Zarah’s Coffee & Gifts.

Twee ou brakke saam 🙂

So, all in all it was a year with some twisters in it, but we are extremely excited for what the future holds. We hope that everyone that knows us will enjoy the journey further with us. To all the new people we meet, get onboard and enjoy the ride :D.