About Us

Gerrie & Monique

We are a family owned and operated business, consisting of different but – mostly – overlapping industries. Although, even where our industries do not overlap, at least it is always interesting! 🙂

Dating from Gerrie’s time in retail It sales and support, Blue Wave IT™ is the result of a N.E.R.D. that loves technology. He tends to talk to his computers (apparently the talk back), but it seems totally harmless… Contact him if your own electronics seems to need a bit of attention, or if you are in the market for some new choice pieces of hardware. Alternatively, visit Blue Wave IT™ directly for more information regarding the services on offer.

Moniiki™ as a name has its origins in Monique’s family nickname, and as a moniker it is a perfect portrayal of the artistic fashionista side of her personality. Apart from her ready to wear ranges that will soon be available on ZEN Collective’s online shop, she offers bespoke couture garment design and production services to her clients. Have a look at her Moniiki™ website for further information and to view her stunning gallery.

ZEN Interiors™ originated from Gerrie’s love of perfectionist art and 3D space planning, which is an amalgamation from his naval architectural studies and his stained glass art studio years. Throw in the aspect that the soft furnishing side of the business co-exist neatly with Monique’s fashion design, and you have a winning team effort. Feel free to visit the ZEN Interiors™ website for further information.